a better metric for

inclusive growth


ECOsystem-based           community-centered           sustainable           organization management

ECSOM is an alternative, holistic development approach that focuses on the development approach that focuses on the development of rural, agrarian communities. It aims to achieve a triple bottomline, managing the economic, environmental, and social sustainability of each community.


plan. build. balance.

In ECSOM, sustainable development maintains the integrity of the critical inter-

relationship between local economic development, ecological resources, and

social welfare.


coordinate. monitor. improve.

Community Organization is at the heart of our work. We organize communities,

strengthen their sense of ownership to their natural resources, and capacitate

them to build and manage their own enterprises to have as stronger bargaining position in local market.

To measure growth, we utilize the Community Welfare and Wealth (CWW) - a performance metric that measures the income and productivity of individual households and of an entire community, the consolidation of such ultimately

measures the economic performance of a community.

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