the lack of professional management capacity in rural areas for farmers and fishermen. 

lack of investments due to low or no return on investments  

lack of supporting infrastructure and technology due to low investments 

Monthly income (about Php 292 daily or USD 6 for a family of five) of Filipinos below the poverty threshold. (PSA)

Percent of Filipinos remain below the
threshold, despite
6.4% GDP GROWTH sustained for several years.

of Rural Poor are Farmers and Fisherfolk (PSA)

Ours has become a nation of overseas foreign workers. At least 6,092 Filipinos leave their homeland each day to find work. (PSA)



The Philippines has been consuming natural resources than what is available within its own boarders - a trend which has been growing since the 1960's. (Global Footprint Network)

We consume resources faster than nature can provide

of Filipinos not connected to the internet (McKinsey & Company)

of Philippine forest cover remain in good condition (DENR-FMB)

of coral reefs in the Philippines remain intact. (UP-MSI)

Gini coefficient of the Philippines since 1985 which indicates high levels of inequality (IMF). (A coefficient closer to 1 means equitable distribution of wealth.)

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